Polydos SNY 580

High-performance setting retardant hyper plasticizing concrete admixture 
Bayındırlık Bakanlığı Poz No: 04.613/1-A3
TS EN 934-2 Table 11.1 and 11.2: Set retarding / high range water reducing / superplasticizing concrete admixture

Polydos® SNY 580 is a polycarboxylate based, new generation hyper plasticizing and setting retardant concrete admixture that provides the required workability duration especially in the ready-mix concrete sector and ensures consistency protection to produce a self-compacting concrete having high early strength, imperviousness and excellent surface appearance thanks to low water/cement ratio by significantly reducing the amount of water

Areas Of Application
  • In concretes where long workability and viscosity protection is required under hot climatic conditions,
  • In production of ultrahigh performance concrete,
  • In concretes where plastic viscosity and fluidity are required,
  • In mass production of concrete by casting, 
  • In injection and floor applications,
  • In production of concrete that are intended to be impervious,
  • In architectural concrete, engineering and artistic structures.
  • In flooring and field concretes,
  • In foundation, apron, beam, column and shear concretes,
  • In bridge, viaduct, tunnel, airport and dam concretes,
  • In production of light or regular-weight concrete with thin and compact reinforcements or without reinforcements for difficult compacting,
  • In production of self-compacting concrete (SCC).
Properties / Advantages
  • Considerably increases early and final strength of concrete.
  • Does not require readjusting the viscosity of concrete by preserving the viscosity for prolonged periods of time during summer months.
  • Reduces molding time in concretes which need high water reduction (25 to 35%) ignificantly reduces the mixing water of concrete.
  • Prevents shrinkage cracks that may result from high hydration temperatures. 
  • Reduces carbonation rate of concrete,
  • Ensures self-compacting of concrete.
  • Allows for achieving high unit weight and strength.
  • Eliminates the risk of segregation.
  • Improves water tightness of concrete thanks to low water/cement ratio.
  • Increases pumpability.  Allows for achieving a pore-free and smooth surface.
  • Eliminates noise pollution since it does not require vibration.
  • For flowing and self-compacting concrete; Is suggested to be used as 0.6 - 2.0 kg for 100 kg binder (cement microsilica fly ash).
  •  Dosage of contribution is based on the aggregate properties, water quality, concrete class, water-cement ratio and temperature of place. Therefore, it is recommended to determine the dose by preparing test mixtures in a laboratory.
  •  When adjusting the consistency, high water cut-off property of admixture should be taken into account and more water addition should not be done to mixture.
 Teknik Özellikler / Technical Properties
Kimyasal İçeriği / Chemical Contents : Polikarboksilat esaslı / Polycarboxylate based
Görünüm-Renk / Appearance-Colour : Kahverengi sıvı / Brown liquid
Yoğunluk / Density : 1.05 ± 0.02 kg/l. ISO 758
pH Değeri / pH Value : 5.0 ± 1 TS 6365 EN 1262
Klor İçeriği / Chloride Content (Cl) : < % 0.1 TS EN 480-10
Alkali İçeriği / Alkali Content       : < % 4 TS EN 480-12
Donma Noktası / Freezing Point : - 4 ºC
Korozyon Davranışı / Corrosion Behavior : Sadece TS EN 934-1 Ek A.1’de verilen bileşenleri içerir.
Contains only components according to TS EN 934-1 Annex A.1
Tehlikeli Maddeler / Dangerous Substances : Tamamen Ek ZA’ye uygundur. / Comply with annex ZA.
+20ºC’de, %50 bağıl nem koşullarında elde edilmiştir. / Is produced at +20ºC, %50 relative humidity conditions.


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